The concept behind my rebranding of the ASOS company’s private label ASOS Collection, was to incorporate a fresh, elevated and fashion forward feel to the logo, similar to other UK retailers such as Zara and Topshop. I used a futuristic font with almost a triangular play button in the “o” to represent that this line is ahead of the trends and a fashion leader. For the tag I decided to make the text “Collection” a lime green color because it contributed to the sci-fi feel of the logo. In addition, green represents “go” so I wanted to go off of that and change the shade to a more chartreuse shade. In the future, with different exclusive collections, I plan for the the text to be changed into different colors. It is a simple change that differentiates and is clean and neat. I kept the original slogan, “Discover fashion online” because I wanted to remain true to the company’s core goal of being the top online fashion retailer. I think that the US market would respond successfully to the rebranding of the ASOS collection through increasing brand recognition, especially since the demand for affordable European style has been high as shown through the success of H&M, Topshop, and Zara.