ASOS is a UK online retailer that offers many different brands including their own private label collection. This collection is affordable and trendy while offering a distinct European style, therefore a space for the private label line could boost sales and brand recognition. The concept behind the brick and mortar store for the ASOS Collection is a futuristic and clean look inspired by the movie Tron (2010) and the UK retailer Topshop.
The interior of the store has very simplistic materials, such as chrome fixtures and a lucite table for merchandise. There is juxtaposition between geometric lines of the platforms and the fluidity of the curved fixtures for hanging the merchandise. The floor of the store is meant to glow from lights underneath in order to create a futuristic feel. In addition, there is a modern resting couch and three floor-to -ceiling fixtures which lessens the negative space in the middle of the room and creates an illusion of floating clothes.
Although the design of the ASOS store is very modern and minimalistic, the merchandise features a mix of menswear inspired blazers to neon neoprene bodycon skirts. The clothing offered by ASOS collection is unpredictable and on every fashion magazine’s most wanted list, catering to the trendiest style setters.