This Sunday in the Park editorial from W September 2009.

The concept behind our lookbook is a 1940’s young glamorous housewife who is stuck at home and tries to cure her boredom by wandering around the cookie cutter suburban town she resides in. She hides her inner depression with pills and alcohol which is shown in subtle props such as a flask or a bottle of pills in the shot. Although she looks glamorous and impeccably put-together, if you look closely, you’ll see the disturbing signs of a troubled young woman.

For the clothing palette, we would like to showcase spring prints and soft tones. The idea behind the hair and makeup will be a classic 1940’s look with the pin curls and flushed lips, with subtle changes according to each look.

We want to use exterior locations, such as a house in La Canada Flintridge, residential streets and public parks.


suburban street copy

In post-production, our photos will be low saturation with soft filtering.

Our photographer is confirmed. For the model and makeup/hairstylist we are waiting for confirmation.

For clothing and accessories, we are planning to pull from selected showrooms, specialty stores, styling connections, our own wardrobe and if needed, thrift stores.