Inspiration: Balmain Studded Denim Jacket


1. Start with a denim jacket. I bought mine from a thrift store for 7.99!

2. Time to acid wash! Using a spray bottle, fill it with 50% water and 50% bleach. I messed up and used 100% bleach but I actually liked the stronger effect more than the diluted solution, so adjust according to your own preference.

IMG_96993. Spray with the spray bottle erratically, and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

4. Use a blow dryer to accelerate the acid washing process. You should see the areas where you sprayed the bleach solution become lighter and patchy.



5. Once the jacket has reached the desired acid wash pattern, throw it in the washing machine! Wash with white colors only, since the jacket is soaked in bleach. I prefer white towels because they will come out bright white!


6. It’s embellishment time! I used safety pins, medium sized to add an effect around the arm hole.


I think Abby approves!


7. Now, prepare for the hardest and most time consuming part of the entire process. Stud time! I bought my studs from a site called I checked out Downtown LA for cheaper studs but it is actually cheaper online. The ones I used were Standard 1/2″ Silver Pyramid Studs.

For the studding process, I used long neck pliers to close the little prongs behind the studs onto the jacket.


8. After a total of 11 hours of studding and around 200 studs per sleeve, I am finished!!

I am overall pretty satisfied but will probably never stud anything for a while, as my hands do not want to hold pliers for a while.